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Reinis Kreicbergs was born in May 1992 in Latvia. Since childhood, I have been connected to nature, because my father taught me about fishing. Everything started with perch fishing, then breams, then pike fishing and trout fishing…and then I started to learn about carp fishing. Few times I had taken part in local competitions, two times I had got 1st place. Within 2 years I am planning to take a part in the Latvian Championship in carp fishing.

While I was in school, I was a professional swimmer. Some years I was doing Martial Arts – Aikido and Wing Chun. When I was 19 years old, I bought my first dirt bike, and for a few years, I was doing Motocross.

But…I had never thought about hunting because nobody in my family is a hunter.
One day my friend asked me if I would like to try to go to a driven hunt as a beater. My best friend was connected to hunting at a young age. I accepted his offer and since that day I have been really close to hunting. Then I passed all the exams to get my hunting license and got my first gun… this is how it all started.

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