WILD Jaeger Veteran Adventures

WILD Jaeger Veteran Adventures, Inc.

WILD Jaeger is a company of Veterans committed to our fellow Veterans!  We strongly believe that connecting Veterans to other Veterans in outdoor activities can heal the wounds that are seen or not seen. 

Our goal and mission is simple.  We strive to reach as many Veterans as possible and allow the meaningful connections between Veterans and nature to occur. 

Helping Veterans to find overall well-being through VA, state, and other nonprofit programs:

Join the WILD Jaeger team with your support!

Upcoming Events

- 2-4 December hunt in Macon, Ga for 6 Veterans
- Spring golf tournament; stay tuned for details
- Summer Gulf of Mexico fishing trips; stay tuned for details
- 2nd Annual (23 Sep 2023) GBT/WJVA Fishing Tournament

The next Veteran adventures: Standby for details or contact Frank Adkinson for more information.

Frank Adkinson

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Check out some of our previous Veteran Adventure Hunts!

WJVA Year 1 (Video) – Joey Teresi hunts Roe Bucks in Hungary: https://youtu.be/V9gDNY2fnJs

WJVA Year 2 (Video) – Adam Graham, US Army Veteran, hunts Roe Bucks in Hungary: https://youtu.be/T6fXALC3eSo

WJVA Year 2 (Video) – Jeff Brunn hunts Roe Bucks in Hungary: https://youtu.be/BsUMxHl8bCg

WJVA Year 3 (Video) – Jake Clarke hunts Fallow Bucks in Croatia (Part 4): https://youtu.be/E-sCx3GTeq8

WJVA Year 4 (Video) – Richie Condon hunts Mouflon in Croatia: https://youtu.be/CMCGaHiIibM
WJVA Year 5 (Video) – Darren Baldwin did not make it to our Maryland Hunt: https://youtu.be/kcT0sixm0pQ
WJVA Year 5 (Video) – Josh Geddis hunts Whitetails in Maryland: https://youtu.be/otRAmFGaFXY

WJVA Year 6-10 – Stay tuned. Videos coming soon!

Community Partners

Frank Adkinson  

John MacCallum
Board of Directors
WILD Jaeger Veteran Adventures, Inc.
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