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My name is Norbert Simon and I‘m from Transylvania, the heart of Romania.

I don’t have a long hunting tradition in my family, but I’ve been fortunate enough to discover on my own the magic of the outdoors, first through other activities and sports that were and some of them still are an important part of my life, and then everything got to a whole new dimension once I started hunting.

In my country gun laws are very restrictive, so my hunting journey started with a passion for precision shooting as I started shooting air rifles.

Then, I had the opportunity to participate in a few hunts as a beater and with that, the virus was in for good. From there it was pretty much a snowball effect and after spending a year as a beater at our local hunting club, I finally became a hunter in 2011.

Since 2014 I’ve started to shoot bows and in the same year, I’ve completed the IBEP course so that I could bow hunt outside Romania, as in my country bowhunting is still not permitted.

My earlier passion for photography and videography mixed well with this new passion for hunting, so at the same time, I started a hunting channel on YouTube.

My efforts were not in vain as in 2015 I became a WILD Jaeger pro staff and in 2018 I became the pro staff of the year and with this, my hunting journey took a worldwide dimension.

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