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My name is Marius Monrad, now in 2020 I’m 32 years old, and I’m from Norway. I live in Tvedestrand, southern Norway with my wife and our daughter. Between family and work, I try to spend as much time as possible outdoor hunting and fishing, and I love sharing pictures from my trips on Facebook and Instagram.
Since I was in a stroller, I have spent most of my spare time outdoors. My father had me fishing by the time I was two years old and fly tying and fly fishing at the age of five. Nobody in my close family hunted, but a couple of them liked to shoot guns. Needless to say, I was introduced to guns at an early age. I also had a longbow that I shot as often as I could.
At age 16, I was allowed to hunt small game on my own, and I passed the Norwegian hunters’ education program. Since then, I have been hunting most huntable game species in Norway. My favorites are roe deer, red fox, and Eurasian beaver, but I also hunt many other species.

My love for the wild more or less took control of my life from an early age. I have a bachelor’s degree in ecology and natural resources from Telemark university college and currently work in a gun store selling hunting equipment. I have worked there for nine years now.
In 2014 I got the opportunity to combine my passion for hunting with my passion for archery. Bowhunting is illegal in Norway for some reason, but I got certified in Denmark and had my first bowhunting trip shortly after that. That trip changed hunting for me forever! The year after that I shot my first roe deer with a bow, and from then on, I was sold. No other type of hunting can measure up to bowhunting in my opinion!
I shoot PSE bows and have been doing so for about ten years. Nothing combines comfort and performance like a PSE, and that’s especially true since they introduced the ECS cams. If you haven’t tried a bow in the evolve-cam family, and still wonder what brand of bows to shoot, then you should try one!
As mentioned, I love fox hunting. Most of my foxes have been shot over bait at night, but in the last few years I’ve started to call them in. I recently started using Foxpro calls, both electronic and mouth calls, and absolutely love it.
July 15th and fox season opener can’t come soon enough!
In 2021, Marius started his archery webshop BueBua (link to to share his passion of archery with his fellow norwegians.

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