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If mosquitos are ruining your hunt, how about giving Thermacell a try

By Mark Wiskerke

When you go out into the great outdoors, nature can be fantastic. All the colors and wildlife can be stunning and beautiful. The down side can be mosquitos and black flies, which can really ruin your day. In the past I used sprays or creams to protect me from mosquitos, but they smell funny and I don’t like harsh chemicals on my skin.

I was talking to some of my friends in Canada, while I was there and asked what they use to keep the mosquitos away. That’s when they showed me a Thermacell . It is a small unit that works on a butane gas cartridge that heats a small blue mat with a repellent.

No batteries are needed. What is needed is a butane gas cartridge that you screw inside the bottom of the unit. You push the small blue plate with insecticide into the grill on the front of the Theramcell unit. Then, turn the gas knob on. After that you push the ignite button a few times, while looking at top of the unit. Through the control glass, you can see if the control light is going to glow. The gas heats the grill plate with insecticide and this will release a vapor.

The vapor takes only a few minutes to spread and the mosquitos stay away from you. It works like a charm for me. I take my unit practically everywhere I go. The Thermacell always goes with me when I hunt, and it doesn’t spook the deer. I can also use it in the summertime at home, here in Holland, when we sit outside. We live near a creek, so mosquitos are always an issue. It works only when there is little wind. Mosquitos don’t like wind, so when it is windy, I don’t need to use it. I have tested the unit in Holland, Canada, America, Greece and Germany, all with great results.

Figure 1 “Photo” Mark Wiskerke using his Thermacell while hunting.

The company that makes Thermacell sells more than just portable insect repellent units, take a look on their page. Thermacell is not only good for hunting, but for all family activities outdoors.

I buy my refills online or in shops in Canada and the United States, when I visit friends. WILD Jaeger has become a dealer for Thermacell, so now we can enjoy the great products from Thermacell here in Europe too. To place an order for this product, you can take a look at the online website at WILD Jaeger . They come in olive green and Real Tree camo. There are also outdoor Lanterns with the same repellent function, very handy to take with you when you go camping. A light that repels insects creating a wide area around you, so you will be free of flying insects.  I highly recommend this product for any and all of your outdoor activities.

Also, Please watch WILD Jaeger’s Ryan Yaskiw, for his thoughts on Thermacell.

ThermaCELL is available at the WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Center in Vilseck, Germany (Bahnhofstr. 2, 92249 Vilseck) and for sale on our European sales Webstore (

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