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We would like to congratulate all of the hunters who successfully tagged a spring gobbler in the 2013 season! Here are a few photographs of some WILD Jaeger Team members who managed to take a spring gobbler.

Now that Turkey season is almost over here in the United States, we can soon turn our attention to the upcoming 3-D summer archery season. But first there are a few things we should take care of.

Probably the most expensive item in your turkey hunting gear inventory is your shotgun, bow or crossbow. After a long season in the field, make sure you clean your weapon thoroughly and apply a light coat of oil before retiring it to the gun safe or cabinet for secure storage.

It’s also a good time to purchase additional batteries for any red dot scope and place them in your hunting pack for next year. There is nothing worse than being in the field and realizing the battery is dead on your scope.

While we’re talking about cleaning, check your backpacks or  turkey vest for any ammunition left in the pockets and secure the shells properly. Clean your gear and clothing, removing any briars, mud, sticks and leaves as well. If ticks are a problem in your area, you may want to check for these one last time.

I like to wash off my diaphragm calls with a little Listerine and rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Then I make sure they are completely dry before storing them in a cool dry place for the year.

Be sure to take a physical inventory of your bag and see what you need to replace. What did you actually use this year and what haven’t you used. This may be a good time to lighten your load for next year. It’s also a good time to update your hunting journal or take some notes about this year’s season while the information is still fresh in your mind.

It is also a good time to say thank you or send a note of thanks to the landowner if someone allowed you to hunt on their property. A quick note or a phone call may go a long way in securing that location next year.

Hopefully you were successful in making memories with old friends or new friends this turkey season. Remember, if you were fortunate enough to tag a gobbler that’s just a bonus. The real adventure is spending time in the field with friends and family.

We love to hear from you, what idea’s or tips do you have for tagging that big gobbler?  What do you do at the end of the season?

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