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By Wayne Davis

Figure 1 “Photo” Wayne Davis and his 2012 buck.

Rocky 8” Lynx Gore-Tex boot. Item number: 7363

These boots are extremely warm and comfortable. As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, I rarely can sit for more than 2.5 hours without having numb feet. I was able to sit in my stand for three hours in 30 degree weather without getting cold with my Rocky boots.

The 800 grams of Thinsulate in these great boots contributes to their warmth, but so does the moisture wicking features in the lining. I walked several miles in them during turkey season and my feet stayed dry and comfortable. The boots slip on easily, but lace up tight for excellent ankle support.

Rocky 5” Outback Brown Moc-toe Boots (Gore-Tex). Item Number: 8723

I love these boots. They are probably the most comfortable pair of boots that I have owned and they are waterproof. That’s saying a lot because I have owned and used a lot of boots in my life.

Broadhead Jacket and Pants Jacket item number: 600290 , Pant item number: 600295

This jacket and pant combination is silent, light weight, and warm. It is just what I wanted for bow hunting. As light weight as they are, with a couple of layers underneath you will be able to sit in your stand for several hours without getting cold. The jacket is made for the bowhunter. It has a double zipper that can zip up tighter when you have fewer clothes on during warmer weather. It also has expanded zippers on the sides that also can be zipped up tight depending on how many layers you have on.

The pants are very comfortable with a comfort stretch waistband. One feature that I particularly like is the side cargo pocket that has a second zipper pocket behind it that allows easy access to whatever gear that you put inside.

One thing that you will have to keep in mind while wearing these is the suede fabric is not made for walking through any brier patches. If you plan on beating the brush you may want to wear a set of chaps over these pants.

Level 3 Waterproof Glove. Item Number: 605887

These gloves have the same qualities as the Broadhead Jacket. They are silent, lightweight, and warm. Made with 100 grams of thinsulate. It’s really amazing how warm they are. If you are walking with these gloves on then your hands can easily over heat. Plan to help regulate your body temperature, and keep from overheating, by taking the gloves on and off as needed.

Prohunter Waterproof Glove. Item Number: 605058

Good gloves for stalking on cool wet days. They are quite, warm, and waterproof just as advertised.

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