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Rasmus Rousing Andersen (Denmar). He has been hunting since the age of 16 when he was able to get his first hunting license. His dad provided Ramus with his interest in hunting and the desire to explore and interact with the wildlife of his native home.

He is now working as a professional taxidermist, making beautiful hunting trophies for clients from all over the world.

Rasmus received his professional hunter (PH) education in South Africa and for the last several years he has been guiding during hunting seasons and doing taxidermy in the off season at taxidermists in Denmark, Canada and South Africa. He is also a Certified Trophy measurer for SCI, CIC and Rowland ward.

With his knowledge of good trophy areas / Contacts with good trustworthy outfitters / and happy hunters, he has also started a hunting travel agency ( BowHunter Tours ). His primary clients concentrate on bow hunting, but he also accepts riffle / Shotgun hunters for possibilities, with destinations like Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Greenland, Germany and Poland. Please check out

He prefers to hunt with his bow and spends all the time possible training with it to be prepared for any realistic situation. Rasmus prepares for upcoming hunts, mostly by shooting 3D, to get closer to the real deal. But he also enjoys some riffle shooting as well shooting with friends at his local range where he also works as a Riffle Instructor.

So he is living the dream of, Hunt, Hunt and more Hunting….The newest thing is that he recently received a Bavarian Mountain Dog puppy last year and his training is going very, very well. Every animal that fall’s must be found and his new hunting partner has the nose for that. At 9 months old he has no problems with a 1000 meter 24 hours old blood trail.

When the savanna is 40 +, the sands are burning hot and a REAL WILD Jaeger will carry his best friend.

Member of SCI, CIC, NSK, The Danish Hunting Society and Ethical Council of Bow hunting in Denmark.


Countries Hunted
Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa

Animals Taken:
Getting close to 50 spicies, but some of the most memorable is Black Roe Buck, Thar, NZ Chamois,
archery Oryx and Muledeer.

Preferred Method:
1st Bow
2nd Riffle
30.06 / 300 win Mag / .270

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