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I was born back in 1988. And grew up on a small farm in the countryside in the south of Sweden.

My father and my grandfather taught me to hunt as soon as I could walk.
I remember being moose hunting at a very young age and freezing my butt off. But that didn’t stop me.

All my life, I have been interested in animals, nature, and taking care of what nature gives.
There for it was (since I love food) a natural step for me, to study to become a chef.

My primary game of target is roedeer, but I really hunt anything that is in season.

Wildlife management is something I do alot. There is always some way you can help the animals out. Everything from feeding them to putting out salt licks or even making the habitat a better place for pollinating insects.

Later years I have started bowhunting.
And it has taken me to new levels of hunting.
As a member of the Swedish bowhunting Association, and the Swedish hunting Association, We are working on getting it normalized and legal in Sweden.

When I first heard about bowhunting, I was against it (as many Swedes are). But that is only because most people don’t know anything about it. People are afraid of what they know nothing about.

But when I looked into it, I realized that it would be something that I could really like. And I do!

That doesn’t mean I don’t like rifle or shotgun hunting, I do that too. And I love it!

I also love video making, and I am the owner of the PK_HUNTING – Per Kristensen YouTube channel.

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