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Ivan Eady was born in Spain on the 5 of June of 1978. Ever since he was a child he has been attracted to the countryside and nature; particularly the wildlife that inhabits our natural world.  From an early age his family introduced him to the fascinating world of fishing and hunting.

His grandfather was a great hunter. He lived in the La Mancha region of Spain and mainly hunted small game. When Ivan was a boy, his grandfather would take Ivan with him on his day long hunting trips. His grandfather taught him the how to track and shoot partridge with a shotgun. Most importantly he taught him to respect nature and instilled in him the love of hunting responsibly that has remained with him to this day.  Ivan also leaned many techniques from his grandfather and the unwritten rules that underpin hunting.

His father’s great passion was fishing and from him, Ivan learned the art of fishing. As they moved around Spain he was lucky enough to learn how to fish by angling in a variety of locations like rivers, lakes and at sea.

By age 17, Ivan was living in the city of Valencia. He became a member of “Valencia Bass Fishing Club.”  At this club, he was able to develop his skills more as fisherman. Always learning and trying new challenges, he began participating in the National Bass fishing league and Spanish fishing tournaments.

As soon as Ivan started working, he began to travel around the world looking for new species and fresh challenges. This gave him the opportunities to visit wonderful countries, meet and befriend incredible people and fish some of the fish of his dreams. Ivan loved all his fishing adventures, but he always felt that there was something inside that needed to be expressed. Hunting was calling him!

Ivan had learned archery previously and had developed good techniques, so it was a natural progression for him to start hunting with a bow and arrow. That move to hunting with a bow was destined to change his live forever.

So now Ivan combines his two passions of hunting and fishing.  He found a way to combine his passions with making a living by created his own company called Fly & Arrow ( Through his company he hopes not only to sell goods but to help instill in others the love of hunting and fishing that he was lucky enough to have received from his family.

Now his goals are to expand his business and continue to travel with a bow and a rod looking for new adventures and experiences.

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