Dejan Stankovic (Bosnia)

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I’ve been hunting since I was six years old. I went with my dad for 10 years and then I became a member of a hunting association. I primarily hunt wild boars, then, roebuck, fox, pheasant, wild duck and many others. In the summer I’m hunting and quails. I’m hunting exclusively for socializing and hobbies, I do not have material benefits from hunting. I also raise hunting dogs and keep four breeds. I have 3 hunting rifles. We have some rare game in the hunting ground, for example, chamois, bear, tetrao urogallus, wolf, lynx, wild boar, jackal, rabbit, pheasant, and many others. I own a Pajero off-road vehicle. My father is also a passionate hunter from whom I inherited this hobby. I also do fishing trout. I study the Faculty of Forestry in Banja Luka. I hunt across Bosnia and Herzegovina. I enjoy nature and hang out with hunters. Regards from Bosnia! 

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