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By Greg Traynor

Make: Bushnell Global Positioning System (GPS)

Model: D TOUR, 360310 Green

Figure 1 “Photo” Bushnell Backtrack D Tour Model 360310 Green

Transport and packing: The box arrived on time and undamaged; the unit was ordered through and delivered by UPS.

Unpacking: Upon opening the box and emptying the contents I discovered the unit was well packed and free from any type of damage. The original plastic packaging was very difficult to open and required the use of heavy duty scissors.

Assembly: The only assembly is the installation of 3 AAA batteries. Before installing the batteries, be sure to write down the unit serial number which you will need to register the product online. I added an additional leather lanyard in order to hang the unit around my neck.

Use: After the installation of the batteries, I took the unit outside where it quickly found a satellite connection. The unit is very “User Friendly” and has only four button. It is extremely easy to save up to five waypoints in a short time. In order to navigate back to the waypoint, you simply follow the arrow. It really is extremely easy.

Bushnell offers free software available through download for this unit. By using the software you can track your trip using Google maps with their satellite imaging. It also keeps track of time, temperature and distance traveled.

Overall evaluation to date: Easy to assemble, easy to use, by far the best GPS I have ever used. I have used it on several archery hunting trips (September 2011), then downloaded the information and looked at my hunting area from a satellite position. This provides another means of scouting, looking for funnels, bedding areas and food plots. I highly recommend this unit.

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