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Figure 1 “Photo” 3D hunting logo.

Reviewer: Stephen Reed

Maker: 3D Hunting Supply

Model: White Oak Acorn Cover scent.

Price: $10.95 for 8oz. spray bottle plus shipping from their website.

Packing/Shipping: Item came packed in a small box, free from any damage. Shipping was fast and trouble free.

Overall Evaluation: If you want to take your hunting to the next level 3D Hunting Supply 100% ALL NATURAL White Oak Acorn Scent is the most effective cover scent on the market. It will cover all human scent and attract a huge variety of game animals from whitetail deer, sika deer, mule deer, elk, moose, hogs, exotics and even predators. You no longer have to worry about hunting wind direction. Plus even HELPS CONTROL INSECTS all in ONE BOTTLE !!

That is the claim made by 3D Hunting Supply about their White Oak Cover scent, and after using this product last season during archery and rifle season, and again in the youth portion of turkey season in Missouri, I could not agree more.

I harvested my largest buck with archery gear to date, and also a nice management buck last year, using this product. Both my 40 yard archery shot and the firearms shot at 10 yards were directly downwind from my hunting location!

Figure 2 “Photo” 3D HS with Stephen Reed’s MO buck.

The deer never knew I was there, and I wasn’t bothered at all by the little flying knats or mosquitos that I normally associate with hunting. The firearms buck had three does with him and they all walked right under my stand with the buck stopping at 10 yards directly downwind, none of them even knew I was there until I fired the shot!

We used it again this year for the youth turkey hunt to keep the bugs and flying knats at bay and it worked wonderfully. I have never used a cover scent that also works at an insect repellant, but this one works GREAT!!

3D hunting logo

Figure 3 “Photo” 3D hunting logo.

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