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WILD Jaeger
Mission Statement

WILD Jaeger conducts outdoor activities, photography, videography and produces advertisements for its website, social media pages, and video production in support of our outdoor product partner companies in order to market those brands/products to the global outdoor community and raise awareness of those quality products in Europe.

WILD Jaeger Current Partners

WILD Jaeger is a company of Veterans committed to our fellow Veterans!  We strongly believe that connecting Veterans to other Veterans in outdoor activities can heal the wounds that are seen or not seen.

Who we are

Representing The Best Brands In The Hunting Industry

WILD Jaeger manages an International Pro Staff with 43 members in 32 different countries who speak 29 languages.  Our team represents North American and European hunting products in the European and North American markets of hunting product distribution, advertisement, marketing, and sales.

Some of the companies we have partnered with include:

  • Moultrie
  • Remington 
  • Summit
  • Code Blue
  • Work Sharp
  • Rocky
  • Barnes Bullets
  • Snipenstrike
  • Bushnell
  • Uncle Mike’s
  • Camillus Brands
  • Top Rack

You can rely on us to represent your products in a culturally sensitive way. We also ensure that our clients get the most out of their international marketing budget.

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