Why choose WILD Jaeger for marketing my products?

Global Market Opportunities

The hunting industry is growing in Europe- and you should be there!

  • Our partners see a sales and exposure increase in Europe with WILD Jaeger! For example, Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners go from 0% International Sales to 30% of their Gross sales being International Sales…
  • Our pro-staff of over 40 personnel in 32 countries have influence in their respective countries to share your product. We can read and forecast the hunting market pulse through our Pro Staff / Influencers throughout Europe.
  • We can anticipate hunting trends and know the product “gaps” in Europe.
  • Our organic marketing approach is economical and allows market analysis that understands the European hunting environment (but relevant and experienced in traditional marketing).

*Sales and exposure increase in Europe with WILD Jaeger!

Partner Testimonial

“Ricky and his team at Wild Jaeger have been pivotal marketing partners for the Remington and Barnes export business. His knowledge and passion for the many unique European markets are clearly evident. His team can really help put your products “on the map” at the consumer and dealer levels. This added visibility almost always correlates with increased sales. In addition to the marketing that Ricky does within Wild Jaeger, he also shares his extensive content with the manufacturer for use in corporate marketing initiatives.”

Keith Quinn, Senior Territory Manager at Vista Outdoor Inc.

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