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Consulting Mission

WILD Jaeger provides exemplary customer service through consulting activities with world-class hunting outfitters to our customers for a dream hunt and experience of a lifetime.

All WILD Jaeger Hunting Adventures are vetted by either Ricky Mills or one of the other leaders of the WILD Jaeger organization.  You will NEVER go on a hunt that we have not hunted first.  Traveling, lodging, meals, guides- all vetted by WJ first!

Hunting Adventure Testimonial

“Had so much fun watching these videos over the years. After hunting with WJ for the first time, I’m even more pumped up for my next hunting adventure with them! Professional, ethical and reliable."
Adam Smith

Hunting Packages

At WILD Jaeger, we want each hunter to have not only a special hunt, but a life experience that he or she will not forget. Our planned hunting adventures are designed for hunting success and a cultural taste of Europe. Your hunt could be a European drive hunt, stalk, or from a high seat- let us know what you are interested in!

Chinese Water Deer

Want an exotic hunt in beautiful England! The Chinese water deer is a recent introduction to the hunting landscape of England but is a unique hunt and trophy just the same. They are easily recognized by their vampire-like tusks that grow from the mouth. As you can see from the photo (look at previous WILD Jaeger hunting videos of CWD as well), they are a rare species and will make an outstanding addition to any trophy room. This hunt is in England only.

Red Deer

The Red Deer, or stag as it is often referred, is the king of the forests in Europe.  It is also our more popular hunt.  To hear the Red Deer bellow or roar across a valley during the rut is an amazing experience.  Red Deer antlers are a beautiful and sought after trophy.  We have several countries that offer this hunt.

Roe Deer

The Roe Deer is the Whitetail deer of Europe.  It is smaller in size, but an exciting and thrilling hunt just the same.  Once you hunt for Roe Deer, you will go back for more!  They are exciting to watch and hunt, especially during the rut in July through August.  This is a summer hunt!  We have several countries that offer this hunt.

Wild Boar

The European Wild Boar is not feral like the North American wild boar, the European boar is wild!  Either from a drive hunt, stalk, or high seat, they are an exciting and thrilling hunt.  They are powerful and fast.  This can be a hunt on its own, or as part of a package.  We have several countries that offer this hunt.

Fallow Deer

The Fallow Deer was introduced by the Romans almost two thousand years ago to Europe.  A truly beautiful and graceful large deer species.  Between the unique antler growth and markings, the Fallow Deer makes a beautiful trophy.  We have several countries that offer this hunt.


The Chamois is a mountain goat, much like its alpine cousin in the United States.  This is a demanding hunt that makes you earn the trophy.  Hunting this elusive animal will take you through mountain forests and peaks.  It’s a special experience for any hunter.  We offer this hunt in the Slovenian Alps.


The Mouflon is a sheep species, and parent of all modern sheep breeds.  They were brought to Europe by nobility centuries ago for hunting.  You now can enjoy this fast-paced and exciting hunt.  The coloring and large horns of the Mouflon ram will stand out in any trophy room.  We have several countries that offer this hunt.

Beceite Ibex

A favorite destination hunt for many sheep hunters, the Beceite Ibex in Spain, is a challenging hunt.  Like the Chamois, be prepared for rocky and tough terrain.  The Ibex makes a beautiful trophy.  This hunt is in Spain.  Spanish food, wine, and culture welcomes you on an unforgettable hunt!

Maryland Whitetail

Dates for this hunt to be determined

For our European friends, come to the States and hunt the beautiful and elusive North American whitetail deer!

Please contact Ricky Mills for your hunting adventure to discuss your wants, needs, pricing, and other hunting details.

If interested in any of these hunts, please search on the WILD Jaeger Youtube page and find the animal or hunting method that interests you.

Hunting Packet

At WILD Jaeger, each hunter will receive an individualized packet to prepare him or her for the hunting experience of a lifetime.

The packet will include:

  • Recommended list of hunting videos and articles
  • Language and cultural guide specific to the region/country
  • Hunter’s checklist (recommended packing list)
  • Pictures of amenities & hunting area
  • Information on taxidermy, choice of hand-crafted plaque for trophy, shipping, etc.
  • Frequently asked questions list (let us remove your concern of traveling to Europe)
  • Understanding European hunting culture guide
  • Invitation to join WILD Jaeger Fb page, Instagram, and YouTube channel

Why let WILD Jaeger plan my next hunting trip?

  • We treat our clients the same as family or friends- we place high demands on ourselves and outfitters to make sure you have an amazing experience!
  • We provide a detailed hunting package and program to prepare you for your hunt.
  • We lived in Europe as Americans and understand the hunting cultures and environment across the continent.
  • We have vetted outfitters that provide excellent service on exclusive hunting areas to give you a life-changing cultural and hunting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

As consultants, we do not have interest in arranging a particular hunt for you like an outfitter.  Our interest is solely on you and your satisfaction.  We base your hunt on your wants, budget, time, etc.  Our recommended and vetted outfitters were personally chosen by our company to provide you with an amazing hunt and life experience.

Most of the time you pay the outfitter, WILD Jaeger receives payment from the outfitter for finding a client.  On some occasions, you will pay WILD Jaeger for convenience of all involved.

Not at all, almost all airports are in the native language and English.  Same with car rental locations, etc.  Most Europeans speak some level of English and willing to assist.  Our checklist we send to our clients will answer more questions on use of credit cards, how to withdraw EURO from your bank, etc. Our hunting packet will completely prepare you for you hunt… this is what separates WILD Jaeger from other consultants.

There are so many hunting opportunities throughout Europe.  Chamois and Ibex in the mountains, red deer, European wild pig, fallow, pheasant… Call us and we’ll determine together the best hunt based on you experience, needs, trophy type/size, game, specific country you want to visit, etc.  That is why we are here!

Ask anyone that has hunted Europe and they are emphatic about its quality and overall experience.  Generally speaking, the US has phenomenal hunting opportunities, and we tend to stay in the States.  We also think of distant hunting destinations as a safari hunt in Africa, S. America, etc.  It’s a simple answer of a lack of exposure.  Once you go, you will go back again and again.

No.  You will be pleasantly surprised!  Like hunting in the US or abroad, costs depends on trophy size, duration of hunt, type of hunt, etc.  You will see that hunting in Europe is much more accessible and affordable than you may think.

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